Monday, September 15, 2008

"Role of the Media"

Once, media (radio/print) were meant for informing the people about happenings across the national and international. During the time of the freedom struggle, this medium was best utilised by the freedom fighters to spread their messages among the mass, and attract as much crowd as possible to take part in the great effort they were doing to get the country free from the British Ruling. This medium was created with the great intention, and it was to inform the public with the Information about recent and important events happening across the world around.

But, today the news channels and the newspapers are all meant for the profit making and revenue generating means for all the personnel's involved in the business. It has just become a mere profit making business. They just don't care of the people being affected by the wrong interpretation by them.

Few months ago, there were the case of Arushi's murder, and our so-called responsible media did all the effort to utilise their power of journalism to fetch the TRP by showing that all the time on the air and interpreting every lead now and then. and now, all the person who were interrogated and detained on remand by the Police and as well as by the CBI were got the clean chit from the court, because there is not a single evidence to prove them guilty. With no Evidence, this case was followed with so much propaganda spread by the media.

This is true that, we all are working hard to make money for meeting our the daily means, but there must be true and fair way to make the money. Not by humiliating somebody and showing it on the air all the time and creating the absurd news. People in media should have to understand their responsibility and must act in a respectful manner towards every citizens.

With a Hope for better tomorrow!

@ Dins'

Blast in Delhi, a shameful deed!

May lord Ganesh Heal all who suffered by the Blast and Lost their loved and dear. No compensation, by any means would compensate their loss.

May lord Ganesh heal all the culprit/infected minds with love and peace.

Why the hell they do not realise that the people who suffer with the cause of all what they plant to spread panic and terror among them, can be from any religion, some of them can be Muslim as well, so why to make them suffer, But Yes, the terrorist don't have any religion, so why the hell they think of any bodies well being, they are just a blind and dumb to do the things as directed by their AKA's.

Oh God! when will all this come to an end on this Holy Land.
When do we will be living without any terror of all this happening here and there.

I watched the RKB show on Sahara news channel This Morning, Rahul Bajaj was interviewing Mr. Saleem, Regarding the Fatawa issued on him by some Maulwi.
Saleem sahab said, "Islam states that do not kill the innocent people, women, children even in the war like situation or in the war. Every Religion are the same, The Lord is same." he explained everything in a very good manner.

Now it has become the fashion of the terrorists to plant bombs in the metropolitan, in every two or three months, we don't no when will we be in the list of victims. Only god knows or all they who do all this.

it seems that our Government is really not taking this seriously and not taking any hard and effective steps to tackle with all this happening, and the opposition is utilising all this as a platform to criticize the ruling party, but the opposition were also governing Previous to this ruling party, and all this terror, has also happened in their ruling time as well. this is not the matter of showing the finger on each other, but to seat together and discuss the proper way to fight with. This is the question of the National security and our dear politicians are taking it as the catalyst to promote themselves for the forthcoming elections.

Whenever the blast take place and many meet to death and many get injured, the government announces the compensation and all, why not use that fund to protect the citizens, why they keep that fund to distribute awaiting for the time to come and, start announcing the compensations. The families don't want the money and all, they just want their loved ones to be with them in peace and no terror.

with a Heavy heart...

@ Dins'

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Simple Hello To All...

Hi Friends,

I always wondered about, and always wanted myself to actively be a part of the BLOG world.

I had also tried to start one two years back, but didn't continued though.

Now I'm Impressed and Inspired By Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Starting my very own BLOG.

I have been reading many blogs relating to Information Technology and personal Inputs by many Fellows, I also had Subscribed on Aamir Kahn's Blog, but never active there as well like my own in the past.

When I Heard of Mr. Bachchanji's blog, it took me three week's to log in to it after the Mega launch of AB's blog. One night I was just surfing on the net reading some IT topic on one blog of course, and a thought came in to my mind to visit the Big B’s Blog, and with no more further delay I googled for the Blog and soon directed to the Mega Land to sit besides the Great Personality and to talk and share my feelings with him, whom I honor like my Parents, Who teaches me the value of life.

Now again, I have started a blog; I wish this time, I will continue and be with you until my last Posting on the web, before my final breath.

Thank you for having patience reading this all and showing interest.

With love n’ Care,

Dinesh Saroj