Friday, December 5, 2008

Be first to serve for the NATION!!!

Be first to serve for the NATION!!!

Just a little joke for a tongue-in-cheek view of the situation— still proud to be an Indian inspite of everything.

During the Cold War, if USA launched a nuke-loaded missile, Soviet satellites would inform the Soviet army in 3 seconds and in less than 5 seconds Soviet counter-missiles would be on their way.

This was their scenario……………..

But if there is a nuclear war between India and Pakistan:

The Pakistan army decides to launch a nuke-missile towards India.
They don’t need any permission from their Government, and promptly order the countdowns.
Indian technology is highly advanced. In less than 8 seconds, Indian army detects the Pak Countdown and decides to launch a missile in retribution.
But they need permission from the Government of India. They submit their request to the Indian President. The President forwards it to the Cabinet.
The Prime Minister calls an emergency Lok Sabha session. The LS meets, but due to several walkouts and severe protests by the opposition, it gets adjourned and adjourned indefinitely.
The President asks for a quick decision.
In the mean time, the Pak missile failed to take off due to technical failure. Their attempts for a relaunch are still on.
Just then the Indian ruling party is reduced to a minority because a party that was giving outside support withdraws it.
The President asks the PM to prove his majority within a week.
As the ruling party fails to win the confidence vote, a caretaker government is installed.
The caretaker PM decides to permit the armed forces to launch a nuclear missile. But the Election Commission says that a caretaker government can not take such a decision because elections are at hand.
A Public Interest Litigation is filed in the Supreme Court alleging misuse of power by the Election Commission.
The Supreme Court comes to the rescue of the PM, and says the acting PM is authorized to take this decision in view of the emergency facing the nation.
Just then one of the Pak missiles successfully took off, but it fell 367 miles away from the target, on its own government building at 11.00AM.
Fortunately there were no casualties as no employee had reached the office that early.
In any case, the nuclear core of the missile had detached somewhere in flight.
The Pakistan army is now trying to get better technologies from China and USA.
The Indian Government, taking no chances, decides to launch a nuclear missile of its own, after convening an all-party meeting.
This time all the parties agree.
Its three months since the army had sought permission. But as preparations begin, “pro-humanity”, “anti-nuclear” activists come out against the Government’s decision.
Human chains are formed and Rasta rokos organised.
In California and Washington endless e-mails are sent to Indians condemning the government and mentioning “Please forward it to as many Indians as possible”.
On the Pakistan side, the missiles kept malfunctioning. Some missiles deviate from target due to technical failures or high-speed wind blowing over Rajasthan.
Many of them land in the Indian Ocean killing some fishes.
A missile (smuggled from USA) is pressed into service. Since the Pakistan army is unable to understand its software, it hits its original destination: Russia .
Russia successfully intercepts the missile and in retaliation launches a nuclear missile towards Islamabad.
The missile hits the target and creates havoc.
Pakistan cries for help. India expresses deep regrets for what has happened and sends in a million dollars worth of Parle-G biscuits.
Thus India never gets to launch the missile.
Pakistan never gets it right.
And we live happily ever after!!!!
Long Live Indian Democracy ……

Now some serious discussions ….


We all have the right to Information, but we are stupidly overlooking this weapon and only blaming to the Government, Bureaucrats, Administration, Police, Celebrities and all others we can think of, but we just forget our own self, we forget that we also are the integral part of this nation and we also bear some responsibility towards the motherland.

There is a saying / quotes -- "Don't ask what Nation has does for me, Instead think what I can do for the Nation"

If every individual residing in INDIA starts feeling and discharging the very own basic responsibilities towards the nation; we will definitely prosper and never ever suffer like what we are with now… feel the sense of responsibility towards the nation.

So dear fellow citizen, STOP BLAMING others

Why not Come across on your own feet and Start taking the required initiatives and measure yourselves. Use your basic right and start getting follow ups from the administration…… if we all seek in unity they will become helpless and have to respond for the same.

Every time we do protest against some authority, political parties call Strikes, Dharana’s, Bandh’s, Walk-outs from the Parliament; and soon after all forget the issue and get involved in the daily hectic routine to earn money and other schedules; and nothing happens to the system and it goes on and on…..

These all now really needs to change for the better future and safety of the NATION and each and every individual residing/visiting the country.

So be first to serve for the NATION!!!

Don’t wait for the others, to throw water on your burning home…!!!

Vande` Mataram`

Jai Hind, Jai Maharastra!!!

With Best Regards,

Dinesh Saroj

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Smilling Moon!!!

Smiling MOON!!!

I Received a call from Rakesh to have a look in the sky...

I was in my office, put the call on hold and went out to have the look on to the sky...


What a Smile Man...Amazing!!!

Every once in a while, something will appear in the night sky that will attract the attention of even those who normally don't bother looking up, I'm one of those :).

On Monday night, December 1, 2008, The calm sky was bearing a beautiful smile due to, Venus, Jupiter and moon combined together to create a celestial smiley face a rare treat from the heavens.

I also showed it to my colleagues at the office, all enjoyed watching it...

Thanks to salim and rakesh, for having me to be able to see the wonderful smile!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A SALUTE... To Our Forces & Army Men!

View: Salute To Indian Security Forces In Mumbai

Only Want to SALUTE to Our Forces & Army Men - The NSG, The Naval Gards, The Mumbai Police, The ATS Team.... and to all who gave their lives for the sake of the NATION, and to all who have suffered the terror attack for about 60 Hours.

Also want to throw the SHAME on all the corrupt - Politicians, Bureaucrats, Officers and all who can do anything just for the sake of MONEY, without thinking if it is at the coast of the NATION's security,.

To all the news channels and other media, Thank for All your Commitment and gutts keeping us informing the second by second coverage of the Terror Attack.

But One thing which made me feel sad about our media, is the Introduction to this Terror attack, all the news channel has referred it as "9/11 of INDIA", What is this? Can't we have our own nomenclature for the happenings in our own country? Are we all dependent on the US so much to borrow every single things from them? even Heading like this??? What is this, Common Professionals... Be Your own, Think Your own, Be innovative... don't copy, Please... else you all did remarkable job. Hat's off to you all as well.

Also, Want to know where were all the Politicians including all the Political Parties, Regional or National and The Neutral's who were Shouting that they are the only care taker of the MUMBAI city and the MUMBAIKAR's, Specially the "RAJ Thackeray", where were they have been hidden for those 60 Crucial HOURS and yet up till now. Where all their ROARS gone for now. Where were All the MNS's Karyakatas and Shivsainiks, So called Maratha Warriors!

Dear Mumbaikars and all the Citizen of INDIA, Please wake up even for now! Don't blindly listen and follow these useless Politicians. Use your own brain to take any actions. It is our pity! that we have to have vote for these politicians and don't have any option to Condemn to vote to all the Political candidates, Many Uneducated or Under Educated to run the nation, Many Gunda's, Many Having Blood relation's to Powerful Politicians!!! But to elect any strong and educated Personality of our own choice without being nominated for the election, say like I want to elect Mr. Bachchan himself even he has not nominated himself. So that, one shall be able to vote to the person s\he wants to be whether s\he is nominated or not. This option shall certainly make the Corrupt Politician worry of their political career and they might get the lesson. I Request to the Electoral Commission of INDIA to take these sort of Revolutionary measure's to keep the election Process Unbiased and to elect truly Peoples Elected Leaders.

With Deep grief for all those who lost their lives!
With Deep regret for all the affected families!
Proud to have such a Selfless JAWANs!
Proud to be an INDIAN!

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Mumbai in grip of terrorists!!!

If only,….!!!

From a very young age, I had been brought up in very peaceful circumstances. And trust most of you would have been as well. The last three days of battle here, right at the heart of the commercial capital of India has just about squashed any hopes we would have had in bringing up our children much the same way how we were brought up. And dare I say, more such instances to follow!

I may be punished for my impunity, but I have to look back at the series of events. Why did 154 innocent civilians have to ever lose their lives? Why was a young major made to cut his career when he was in the line of duty, when he could have done much more for the nation, and importantly his family? Miles away from all the mindless action, my mind asks me this question, “If Only..”

If only had our Coastal Guard services had been more alert, the terrorists would not have been able to sneak in.

If only had our dearest Prime Minister (pun intended) had the prudent guts to punish every act of terrorism that has jolted this country of ours!

If only had Afzal Guru been hanged to death when he was found guilty, we would not have been portrayed as a soft state on terrorism, which we are.

If only had 520 parliamentarians been killed in the 2001 attack, we would have seen a completely different India now. The government would have been hassled then to take actions to prevent terrorism from killing our civilians.

As I speak, our Government has reacted by asking the Pakistani government to send over the ISI chief to Delhi. And by the time I finish with this, I am sure the Pakistani government would shoot down this proposal. If only, our Government has the guts to cross the line and puncture the thousand and more terrorist camps functioning near Muzaffarabad, Faridkot and other places, it could eliminate a part of the problem.

And the list of if only continues. I am not a politician, and thus would leave the dirty words to be spoken by them. Admirably though, no such political comments have come out thus far. But knowing our politicians, it is a matter of sooner than later.

I am pained at seeing an empty Churchgate station. I am pained at seeing Mumbaikars stopping at the sound of the smallest thud! I am pained when I see so many families weeping over the loss of their near and dear ones. If only, our politicians can see through what is going in their minds.

If only, my appeal goes out to them, which I know won’t and even if it does, consider a blind eye turned, I would request action to be taken. I know this sounds cliché, but facts cannot be ignored. 40 terrorists came in to Mumbai, as per the confession of the arrested terrorist. As per NSG reports, 10 or thereabout terrorists have been slain and 1 arrested.

Rather than claiming victory over terror only to bolster their vote bank, if only the government realizes that about 29 terrorists are still on the loose. If only the government does take some action to quickly nab the culprits, we may not see a repeat of 26-11.

If only…

Comment #24 By C Vishwanathan

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983.

From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed:

“Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease”?

To this Arthur Ashe replied:

“The world over — 50 million children start playing tennis,

5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis,

50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam,

50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals,

When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD ‘Why me?’.

And today in pain I should not be asking GOD ‘Why me?’ “

“Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrow keeps you Human,

Failure keeps you humble and Success keeps you glowing, but only Faith &

Attitude keeps you going…


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome to Obama for America!!!

So, Barack Obama has marked his presence in the HISTORY, by winning the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION of United States. It took US centuries to show the great heart, to elect a coloured “First person” of the nation. But above all it is the United States of America which won today – at least the hearts of millions like me all over the world today. America has shown that it has in it to finally given respect to a black person at the highest level possible and this surely will change the world history forever…

BUT INDIA has made her Third “FIRST PERSON” The President of Republic of INDIA “Dr. Zakir Hussain”, Fifth “Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed ” and Eleventh President “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam” a Muslim, a Minority!!! This is the Culture of the INDIA, and this is the Spirit what bind us to be an UNION. This is our democracy, and that’s US, which took Centuries to elect a coloured, but the NATIVE AMERICAN is still awaiting to mark his\her presence to the White House. This is the Difference between Two.

OBAMA has a charismatic Persona… Very First time when I saw him on a news channel as a candidate for the Presidential Election of the US, for no reason, but I liked him to be President of the US. May be his charismatic personality made me think like that. And now he has been elected by the US Nation. And the Entire world is appreciating his victory. Hope that he will be able to make the world change by his efforts, one day …!.I haven’t celebrated the victory of any of the Indian leaders in my adult life, all of them have been Uncommitted, Visionless and embarrassing, but I celebrated Barrack Obama’s victory. A lot of anger and frustration inside me against America and its history melted away today ……. Because millions of souls of uncle tom would be in peace today.

We the INDIANS also need such charismatic Leader who will be able to change the face of the Nation, I Wish “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam” will become our next Prime Minister, he has the guts and all the qualities to accelerate the Young Generation to the Right Direction, He Have a vast Number of Followers, which includes me as well. Person like him deserves to be the Prime Minister, but alas! I couldn’t help the wonder, when would we Indians stop having shameful and spineless creatures ruling us at the top, most of who don’t even know how to speak and those few who do speak such utter rubbish and visionless garbage that stinks! When we will get an Educated, Committed and Inspiring leader who will tell us we can and we feel like giving our lives for him. I even pity Mayawati who has taken the advantage of her caste to seek the prime minister chair.

I must even say that, Amitabh Bachchan, also strongly deserve to be The Prime Minister of the Nation, he really will be able to rule the nation in a very unique way. He really have the Magical energy to diversify the nation!!! But this is NATION’s misfortune that he chose to be out from the Politics at its very early stage.

HOPE our nation also will have someone who will change the Entire Country…..

With a great hope for the better future of the Nation!!!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shubh Deepawali

Wishing You Warm Regards of Shubh Deepawali

With Regards,
Dinesh Saroj

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Role of the Media"

Once, media (radio/print) were meant for informing the people about happenings across the national and international. During the time of the freedom struggle, this medium was best utilised by the freedom fighters to spread their messages among the mass, and attract as much crowd as possible to take part in the great effort they were doing to get the country free from the British Ruling. This medium was created with the great intention, and it was to inform the public with the Information about recent and important events happening across the world around.

But, today the news channels and the newspapers are all meant for the profit making and revenue generating means for all the personnel's involved in the business. It has just become a mere profit making business. They just don't care of the people being affected by the wrong interpretation by them.

Few months ago, there were the case of Arushi's murder, and our so-called responsible media did all the effort to utilise their power of journalism to fetch the TRP by showing that all the time on the air and interpreting every lead now and then. and now, all the person who were interrogated and detained on remand by the Police and as well as by the CBI were got the clean chit from the court, because there is not a single evidence to prove them guilty. With no Evidence, this case was followed with so much propaganda spread by the media.

This is true that, we all are working hard to make money for meeting our the daily means, but there must be true and fair way to make the money. Not by humiliating somebody and showing it on the air all the time and creating the absurd news. People in media should have to understand their responsibility and must act in a respectful manner towards every citizens.

With a Hope for better tomorrow!

@ Dins'

Blast in Delhi, a shameful deed!

May lord Ganesh Heal all who suffered by the Blast and Lost their loved and dear. No compensation, by any means would compensate their loss.

May lord Ganesh heal all the culprit/infected minds with love and peace.

Why the hell they do not realise that the people who suffer with the cause of all what they plant to spread panic and terror among them, can be from any religion, some of them can be Muslim as well, so why to make them suffer, But Yes, the terrorist don't have any religion, so why the hell they think of any bodies well being, they are just a blind and dumb to do the things as directed by their AKA's.

Oh God! when will all this come to an end on this Holy Land.
When do we will be living without any terror of all this happening here and there.

I watched the RKB show on Sahara news channel This Morning, Rahul Bajaj was interviewing Mr. Saleem, Regarding the Fatawa issued on him by some Maulwi.
Saleem sahab said, "Islam states that do not kill the innocent people, women, children even in the war like situation or in the war. Every Religion are the same, The Lord is same." he explained everything in a very good manner.

Now it has become the fashion of the terrorists to plant bombs in the metropolitan, in every two or three months, we don't no when will we be in the list of victims. Only god knows or all they who do all this.

it seems that our Government is really not taking this seriously and not taking any hard and effective steps to tackle with all this happening, and the opposition is utilising all this as a platform to criticize the ruling party, but the opposition were also governing Previous to this ruling party, and all this terror, has also happened in their ruling time as well. this is not the matter of showing the finger on each other, but to seat together and discuss the proper way to fight with. This is the question of the National security and our dear politicians are taking it as the catalyst to promote themselves for the forthcoming elections.

Whenever the blast take place and many meet to death and many get injured, the government announces the compensation and all, why not use that fund to protect the citizens, why they keep that fund to distribute awaiting for the time to come and, start announcing the compensations. The families don't want the money and all, they just want their loved ones to be with them in peace and no terror.

with a Heavy heart...

@ Dins'

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Simple Hello To All...

Hi Friends,

I always wondered about, and always wanted myself to actively be a part of the BLOG world.

I had also tried to start one two years back, but didn't continued though.

Now I'm Impressed and Inspired By Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Starting my very own BLOG.

I have been reading many blogs relating to Information Technology and personal Inputs by many Fellows, I also had Subscribed on Aamir Kahn's Blog, but never active there as well like my own in the past.

When I Heard of Mr. Bachchanji's blog, it took me three week's to log in to it after the Mega launch of AB's blog. One night I was just surfing on the net reading some IT topic on one blog of course, and a thought came in to my mind to visit the Big B’s Blog, and with no more further delay I googled for the Blog and soon directed to the Mega Land to sit besides the Great Personality and to talk and share my feelings with him, whom I honor like my Parents, Who teaches me the value of life.

Now again, I have started a blog; I wish this time, I will continue and be with you until my last Posting on the web, before my final breath.

Thank you for having patience reading this all and showing interest.

With love n’ Care,

Dinesh Saroj